Following a career path with many years in the ski industry and the corporate world with Fidelity Investments and Staples, Donna has taken her life long interest in photography to the next level. After attending motorsports photography workshops at Lime Rock Park in Connecticut, Norman Clasen (Marlboro campaign) Moab UT workshop, and attending Hallmark Institute of Photography in Massachusetts, she is launching her new endeavor into photography specializing in actions sports and equine portrait photography.

Influenced at an early age by her uncle, she became fascinated with cars and racing.  Dating a national rally champion in college renewed Donna’s interest in everything motorsports.

At age three she was hoisted into a saddle atop her grandfather’s Thoroughbred and so began her love of horses. Donna owns a gaited Morgan cross rescue mare from Lucky Horse Equine Rescue in Bolton, MA where she volunteered and donates her photography skills to the Dorset Equine Rescue in Dorset, Vermont.